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สกรูยึดหัว M12 สำหรับงานไม้ตะขอสกรูพร้อมกรรไกรตัดเส้น

สกรูยึดหัว M12 สำหรับงานไม้ตะขอสกรูพร้อมกรรไกรตัดเส้น

    • High Tensile M12 Eye Bolts For Wood , Screw Eye Hooks With Sharp Threading
    • High Tensile M12 Eye Bolts For Wood , Screw Eye Hooks With Sharp Threading
    • High Tensile M12 Eye Bolts For Wood , Screw Eye Hooks With Sharp Threading
    • High Tensile M12 Eye Bolts For Wood , Screw Eye Hooks With Sharp Threading
  • High Tensile M12 Eye Bolts For Wood , Screw Eye Hooks With Sharp Threading


    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
    ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO9001
    Model Number: M12


    Minimum Order Quantity: 30000 pcs
    ราคา: USD 0.02 per piece/ negotiable
    Packaging Details: Carton and Paller or Customize Packing
    Delivery Time: 10-20days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 800 ton per month
    ชื่อสินค้า: สกรูยึดตะปูค้างด้วยตาไก่ตะขอแขวน M12 เหล็กกล้าคาร์บอนสังกะสีเคลือบสังกะสี เสร็จสิ้น: ชุบสังกะสี
    วัสดุ: เหล็กกล้าคาร์บอน ประโยชน์: ความต้านทานการกัดกร่อนสูง
    เกรด: Gr.4.8 เส้นผ่านศูนย์กลางของเกลียว: M12
    ประเภทเธรด: ด้ายไม้

    Self Tapping Eye Wood Screws Hook M12 Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Lag Screw


    1.Product Description


    Eye Wood Screw Hooks also called Lag Screw or screw eye having an eye in the form of a spiral for holding a loop,chain link, etc., at any angle, are uesd to guide thread, designed for quick and easy thread insertion. Screw eyes are a wood screw with a loop on one end and the thread on the other end. Screw eyes are commonly used to attach cables to objects, for instance attaching a string to the back of a painting to allow the painting to hang from a nail on a wall. Eye screw is wood thread screws. Eye screw hooks are suitable for screwing into wooden pole or into a brick wall,which you will need wall plugs to screw into wall. Eye screw is ideal for hanging swings, ropes and ladders. Eye wood screw hook have a wood screw thread for use in wood or lag anchors. Like wire eye bolts, wire eye lags are intended for light duty applications and should not be used for angular loads. The zinc plated treatment providing the screw hook good corrosion resistance for durability outdoors. Inside diameter of hole is equal to approximately 30% of overall length. Wood thread provides a secure hold into timber and the self tapping end enable the lag eye screw to fix into the timber easily and rapidly. Eye screw hook made by bending a rod or wire into a loop are only suitable for light duty applications, as heavy loads can cause the eye to open. For high loads, eye bolts with forged or welded loops should be chosen, as they can withstand loads up to the tensile strength of the material of which they are made.


    2. Specification


    Product Dimensions M12
    Whole Length 100mm
    Surface Treatment

    Hot Dip Galvanized for durability outdoors

    Type Eye Wood Screw Hook

    Guide threads, hanging swings, ropes and ladders

    Free Sample Available, only shipping need to be charged

    Wind and weather resistant, quick and easy thread insertion




    They are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, so that ropes or cables may then be tied to it. Installs easily and is wind and weather resistant with a lifetime warranty. If we want to hang something from a wall or ceiling but need some extra support while a standard screw or nail won't work in this situation, you can use a screw hook. Its straight screw side that fits into a wall or ceiling with a hook on the end so objects, such as plants, holiday decorations or wreaths can hang from the ceiling or wall.





    Common chioce for fastening, which provide high tensile, offering high holding power and corrosion resistance. We stock many grades of fasteners ranging from low carbon steel on up to hardened, heat treated steel. Competitive prices with professional factory supply. Perfect fastening solution with 10 years experiences to solve your problem: Wide range of parts selection. Durability testing and critical technical design to enhance fasteners lifetime.



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    สกรูยึดหัว M12 สำหรับงานไม้ตะขอสกรูพร้อมกรรไกรตัดเส้น







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