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สังกะสีสังกะสีสังกะสี C1022 วัสดุโพกเซสสกรูสำหรับแผ่นไม้

สังกะสีสังกะสีสังกะสี C1022 วัสดุโพกเซสสกรูสำหรับแผ่นไม้

    • Zinc Plated C1022 Material Pozi Drive Chipboard Screws For Wood Plate
    • Zinc Plated C1022 Material Pozi Drive Chipboard Screws For Wood Plate
    • Zinc Plated C1022 Material Pozi Drive Chipboard Screws For Wood Plate
    • Zinc Plated C1022 Material Pozi Drive Chipboard Screws For Wood Plate
  • Zinc Plated C1022 Material Pozi Drive Chipboard Screws For Wood Plate


    Place of Origin: China
    ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
    ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO 9001
    Model Number: ISO


    Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs
    ราคา: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: 25KGS CARTON+ 900KGS PALLETS
    Delivery Time: 5-15 WORKDAYS
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 500PCS PER MONTH
    ประเภทหัว: countersunk ด้าย: CORSE & FINE
    เส้นผ่าศูนย์กลาง: 3.5 ~ 4.8mm, 6 # ~ 10 # การรักษาพื้นผิว: ชุบสังกะสี
    จำนวนแพ็กเกจ: ตามความต้องการ จุด: จุดชาร์ป
    ความยาว: 13 ~ 150mm 1 / 2" ~ 6 วัสดุ: C1022

    ZInc Plated Countersunk Head Pozi Drive Chipboard Screw for Wood Plate



    1. Product Description


    Chipboard Screws, with countersunk head, pozi drive and sharp point. It’s used in varies chip board and wood application. Yellow zinc plated, blue zinc plated or white zinc plated.

    Chipboard screw through a heat treatment process for power tools to install the product, is mainly used for wood panels, wooden boards and steel sheet and the connection between the fastening.


    A chipboard screw or particleboard screw is a self tapping screw with a thin shaft and coarse threads. Chipboard is a made up of resin and wood dust or wood chips, so chipboard screws are made to grip this composite material and to resist withdrawing. The screws solidly fasten chipboard to chipboard or chipboard to other materials such as natural wood. Many different screw types, material and sizes exist.


    2. Specification

    สังกะสีสังกะสีสังกะสี C1022 วัสดุโพกเซสสกรูสำหรับแผ่นไม้

    Size(In.) Threads Per Inch drive point Bulk Carton Qty
    #6 X 1 9 PH 2 SHARP 10M
    #6 X 1-1/8 9 PH 2 SHARP 10M
    #6 X 1-1/4 9 PH 2 SHARP 8M
    #6 X 1-1/2 9 PH 2 SHARP 6M
    #6 X 1-5/8 9 PH 2 SHARP 5M
    #6 X 2 9 PH 2 SHARP 3.5M
    #6 X 2-1/4 9 PH 2 SHARP 3M
    #7 X 2-1/2 9 PH 2 SHARP 2.5M
    #8 X 2-1/2 8 PH 2 SHARP 2.5M
    #8 X 3 8 PH 2 SHARP 2M
    #10 X 3-1/2 8 PH 2 SHARP 1M
    #10 X 4 8 PH 2 SHARP 1M


    3. Application


    Chipboard screws come in a variety of lengths and can be used to fasten chipboard in variety of applications. Average length chipboard screws are often used to join chipboard flooring to regular wood joists. Smaller screws may be used to fasten hinges to chipboard cabinetry. Very long screws may be used to butt chipboard to chipboard when making cabinets. Average screws are 1.5 inches (around 4 cm), small screws are usually ½ inches (around 1.5 cm), longer screws are 5 inches (around 13 cm).To a large extent, it can replace the use of ordinary wood screws (wood screws without heat treatment). At the same time, wood screws present, first proposed by beacons shrink rod production process, not only to save material, and thread sharper.

    Throughout the fastener industry, the product is just as important as a similar drywall screws and a huge variety of sales, widely used in furniture manufacturing and other industries, but the use in the DIY market is still very limited. At present, domestic consumers in the purchase of building materials in the supermarket varieties, mainly for mounting rails, hinges (3.5 * 16, etc., for example), with the fish expander installation (for example, 4 * 40, etc.) as well as alternative wood screws make furniture, cabinets, etc. . Better quality, choose Shanghai hangtou standard factory production element edge brand is better, the quality of all aspects of the package price are more affordable, plus claw Shank chipboard screws ordinary chipboard screw improved products, it is mainly from thread conduct design optimization, the pursuit of higher drill speeds and solve problems using easily cause cracking, high technology content on the hard wood.


    4. Advantages


    As a family owned business, our goal has always been to provide customers with unmatched personalized service and support. Knowledge gained as both an applicator and a chemical manufacturer gives us extra insight and control over how to meet even the toughest requirements. Our processing divisions deal directly with regional customers and pride themselves on their quality and delivery.



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    สังกะสีสังกะสีสังกะสี C1022 วัสดุโพกเซสสกรูสำหรับแผ่นไม้

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