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สกรูยึดกราดด้วยตัวเองขนาด A2 A2 สแตนเลสสตีลฝัง DIN7997

สกรูยึดกราดด้วยตัวเองขนาด A2 A2 สแตนเลสสตีลฝัง DIN7997

Countersunk Self Tapping Screws A2 A4 Stainless Steel Cross Recessed DIN7997
Countersunk Self Tapping Screws A2 A4 Stainless Steel Cross Recessed DIN7997


Place of Origin: China
ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO9001
Model Number: DIN 7997


Minimum Order Quantity: 20000pcs
ราคา: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Small Box+Carton+Pallet
Delivery Time: 5-15days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500ton per month
ประเภทหัวสกรู: DIN7997 สแตนเลสสตีลครอสปิดภาคเรียนฝังตัวสกรูโลหะ การตกแต่งพื้นผิว: ดำ, สี - สังกะสี, สังกะสีสีน้ำเงิน - ขาว
ขนาด: 2.9-6.3 ชั้น: A2 A4
ตัวอย่าง: ฟรี รหัส HS: 73181400
กระบวนการ: การตีเย็น เส้นด้าย: แถวเดียว
สี: ธรรมดาหรือทู่

Self Tapping Drywall Screws


Pan Head Framing Screws

DIN7997 Stainless Steel Cross Recessed Countersunk Self Tapping Metal Screws

1. Description:
Cross recessed countersunk head self-tapping screw is a part of the screw head is flat, and it is heavy head,
Or semi-submerged head. Shen head screws can also be called flat head screws, countersunk head screws, countersunk head screws, countersunk head screws. Usually countersunk screws are cross slot, which is above the national standard, national Standard, ie countries designated GB / T819-2000. Countersunk screws commonly used in electrical equipment, electrical machinery, machinery, household appliances, digital products, hydraulic engineering, construction decoration and so on, all with a screw want to learn more Where? Screw operating range? Shen head screws are generally made of metal screws Wire fight pier, after forming the rubbing teeth, cylindrical, flat head to head, such as a surround screw on the side of the inclined surface, so that the screw can be locked with a screw cap or other thing . Top head screws of large diameter, may have a circular or hexagonal, etc., so that tools such as a screwdriver or wrench to turn the screw. Yiling more prominent at the top of the screw will not drill too deep to pass through the material, and increase the pressure on the material of the screw. Shen head screws are usually free to remove or re-caulked without impairing its efficiency, but also provide greater strength than the nail, but also repeated use. Shen head screws product materials used above, the head completely sink the screw head does not impede.

The Stainless Steel Sharp point Cross Recessed Head St 4.8*100MM Self Tapping Metal Screws are widely used in the world. It is in sharp point. Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co., Ltd is established in 2010, and one professional manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel hardware. The main products are stainless steel bolts and threaded rods, stainless steel machine screws,stainless steel tapping screws and self drilling screws in different material from SS 304,SS 316,SS 316L,SS 410,etc. We often make DIN. ANSI. BS. ISO. JIS standard and OEM service is available. Our products are very popular in European, Australia, North America, Mid-east, and South East Asia and some African countries.
Size Range is Diameter:M2---M64 Length:5mm---400mm(Customized is acceptable)
Diameter:6#---2inch, Length:1/2inch---30inch(Customized is acceptable)

Cross Recessed Head St 4.8*100MM Self Tapping Metal Screws is always used on harden metal plate. Its material is harden. Stainless Steel Sharp point Cross Recessed Head St 4.8*100MM Self Tapping Metal Screws.

2. Specification


Product DIN7997 cross recessed csk head wood screws
Type csk head wood screws
Material Stainless steel 201,303,304,316,410 etc
Surface finishing polishing
Head mark According to customers requirement
Sample Free sample can be sent for test
Remark OEM/ODM is available according to customers drawing and samples

3. Application

1.Paper Carton Size: 25*16*25CM
2.Wooden Pallet/ Wooden Case Size: 110*90*80CM
3.Color Printed Box&Cartons can be made per customers' desire.

4.Plastic Bag


4. More pictures

สกรูยึดกราดด้วยตัวเองขนาด A2 A2 สแตนเลสสตีลฝัง DIN7997 0

Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co.,Limited

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