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หัวกวนแบบพูนซี่โครงแบบสกรูด้วยสกรูน๊อตสังกะสีแบบเกล็ด DIN 7981

หัวกวนแบบพูนซี่โครงแบบสกรูด้วยสกรูน๊อตสังกะสีแบบเกล็ด DIN 7981

    • Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Screws With Flake Zinc Silver Surface DIN 7981
    • Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Screws With Flake Zinc Silver Surface DIN 7981
    • Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Screws With Flake Zinc Silver Surface DIN 7981
    • Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Screws With Flake Zinc Silver Surface DIN 7981
  • Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Screws With Flake Zinc Silver Surface DIN 7981


    Place of Origin: CN
    ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
    ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO9001:2008
    Model Number: ST3.5-6.2


    Minimum Order Quantity: 50000pcs
    ราคา: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: small box+Carton+wooden case
    Delivery Time: 3-7days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 500ton per month
    หัว: หัวหน้า Pozi Pan ข้อมูลจำเพาะ: ST3.5
    วัสดุ: A2 ร่อง: หัวหน้า Pozi Pan
    มาตรฐาน: DIN7981 พื้นผิว: เงินสังกะสีเกล็ด
    ด้าย: กรีด ตลาดหลัก: ตะวันออกกลาง
    ไดรฟ์ภายในของสกรู: H2

    Self Tapping Drywall Screws


    Pan Head Framing Screws

    H Pan Head SCR-PANHD-DIN7981 ST4,8X13 Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Metal Screws
    DIN 7981 (ISO 7049) is Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screw. Type H: Phillips drive. Type Z: Pozi drive. ASME B18.6.3 2010 self tapping screws.

    Cross recessed Pan Head Screws DIN7981. The cross is the head of the screw which is cross-shaped, stamping made. For the material, phillips pan head screws are made of iron which is into carbon steel, The material can also divided into stainless steel. There are three types of carbon steel, low carbon steel, middle carbon steel, high carbon steel. Stainless steel also has different type: stainless steel SUS201 stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel SUS316, stainless steel SUS404 and the like.
    We have all kinds of thread size: 
    M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33..,
    1/4-16UNC, 5/16-18UNC, 3/8-16UNC, 7/16-14UNC, 1/2-13UNC, 9/16-12UNC, 5/8-11UNC
    3/4-10UNC, 7/8-9UNC,1"-8UNC, 1 1/8-7UNC, 1 1/4-7UNC.
    1/4-28UNF, 5/16-24UNF, 3/8-24UNF, 7/16-20UNF, 1/2-20UNF, 9/16-18UNF, 5/8-11UNC
    3/4-16UNF, 7/8-14UNF, 1"-12UNF, 1 1/8-12UNF, 1 1/4-12UNF.
    Length: 6mm_500mm, 3/8"mm---8"mm
    Material: SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS200,SUS201
    Material: Carbon steel, 1018A, 1022A, 35#, 45#, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 40Cr
    Grade/class: A2-70, A2-60, A4-80, A4-70. 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
    Surface treatment: Nature, Passivate, Black, Zinc Cr+3, YZP, H.D.G.



    DIN 7981 - Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screws Specifications

    Dia Head Thickness Max Head Dia Max m approx. Cross recess No.
    2.2 1.8 4.2 2.6 H1
    2.9 2.2 5.6 3 H1
    3.5 2.6 6.9 4.2 H2
    3.9 2.8 7.5 4.4 H2
    4.2 3.05 8.2 4.6 H2
    4.8 3.55 9.5 5 H2
    5.5 3.95 10.8 6.5 H3
    6.3 4.55 12.5 7.1 H3
    8 5.25 15.8 - -


    Product Name H pan head SCR-PANHD-DIN7981-C-H2-A2-(GEO)-4,8X13 Pozi Pan Head Tapping Screw
    Material SUS304,SUS316, A2
    Type Pan Head Pozi Self-Tapping Screw
    Standard DIN7981 DIN7982 Self Tapping Screw. 
    ManufactureProcess Heading,washer assembly,Threading,Secondary machine,
    heat treatment,plating,Anti-slipping,Baking,QA,Package,Shipping
    Screw Sample Availablity we can make sample within 7 days free of charge ,if there is available tool for us.
    Delivery time 7-15 working days as usual,It will based on the detailed order quantity.
    Packaging  small box+Carton+wooden case (or accoding to your request)


    Building,Automobile Industry,Furniture,Sanitary,Electronics,Traffic.Hig way. Conservatory and aluminium window construction
    We provide Order-specific Reports. To be assure of the product quality, we make each approved item using the finest materials from Europe, and the latest machines from Switzerland and Italy. Moreover we carry out strict in-house QC measures at multiple stages in our ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities, store all results in our central databank. So we can provide you with detailed order-specific reports on tensile strength, torque and zinc plating thickness. We can provide Test report and MTC, and other certificates.

    หัวกวนแบบพูนซี่โครงแบบสกรูด้วยสกรูน๊อตสังกะสีแบบเกล็ด DIN 7981


    Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co.,Limited

    ผู้ติดต่อ: Cici

    โทร: +8618058633015

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