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ประตูยึดและบานเกล็ดหน้าต่างสูง M8 / M10 สำหรับท่อโลหะ

ประตูยึดและบานเกล็ดหน้าต่างสูง M8 / M10 สำหรับท่อโลหะ

    • High Tensile Door And Window Frame Anchors M8 / M10 For Metal Pipe
    • High Tensile Door And Window Frame Anchors M8 / M10 For Metal Pipe
    • High Tensile Door And Window Frame Anchors M8 / M10 For Metal Pipe
    • High Tensile Door And Window Frame Anchors M8 / M10 For Metal Pipe
  • High Tensile Door And Window Frame Anchors M8 / M10 For Metal Pipe


    Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
    ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
    ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO9001
    Model Number: M8 M10


    Minimum Order Quantity: 60000 pcs
    ราคา: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Carton and Pallet or Customize Packing
    Delivery Time: 15-20 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 600 ton per month
    ชื่อสินค้า: Anchor หน้าต่างหรือ Anchor กรอบประตูยึดคอนกรีต Anchor Bolts Anchor โลหะท่อ วัสดุ: เหล็กกล้าคาร์บอน
    ขนาด: M10 M8 ประโยชน์: Heavy Duty, ความแข็งแรงสูง
    ใบสมัคร: คอนกรีตยึด เกรด: C1022
    เสร็จสิ้น: ชุบสังกะสี ชื่อ: ยึดหน้าต่าง, เฟรมสมอ

    Window Anchor or Door Frame Anchor Concrete Anchor Bolts Metal Pipe Anchor





    Window frame anchor is the pipeline/hanging bracket or device fixed on the wall, floor, a special threaded connectors used in the column.
    Expansion screws fixed principle: screw fixed slope Qie form is used to prompt expansion of friction grip of, fixed effect.Screw with a head is thread, a job.Coated steel sheet, iron sheet drum half number of incision, put them together into a good hole in the wall, then lock nut and the screw nut to pull, pull vertebral degrees into the steel cylinder and steel cylinder is rolling out, then firmly fixed on the wall, commonly used in fence, rain loose, air conditioning and other fastening on material such as cement, brick.But its fixed is not very reliable, if there is a bigger shock load, may be loose, therefore is not recommended for installation of ceiling fans, etc.
    The principle of expansion bolts is to put the bolts to the ground or in the hole on the wall, tighten bolts with a wrench on the nut, bolt go toward outside walk, outside, metal sleeve is fixed, so, the lion's share of the bolt under the metal set up, make it suffuse the whole hole, at this point, the expansion bolt is not to come out.


    When using, must use first impact electric drill, hammer) drilled on the fixed body size of the hole, put the bolts, expansion pipe into the hole again, can make screw nut bolts, expansion tube, install a bulge between the fixed body as a whole.
    Tighten the expansion of the will, bolt tail has a big head, bolt set outside a slightly larger than the diameter of a bolt circle tube, and the tail part that there are a few openings, when after the bolt tightening, the bulk of the tail was brought to the opening of the pipe, the pipe burst, achieve the purpose of expansion, and then put the bolt fixed on the ground or walls, achieve the purpose of rooting.




    Product Window Anchor or Door Frame Anchor Concrete Anchor Bolts Metal Pipe Anchor
    Size M8  M10
    Length 52,72,92,112,132,152,182,202
    Free Sample Available
    Material Carbon steel

    Corrosion Resistance,High Tensile, offer high holding power

    Other type expansion bolt,sleeve anchor,drop in anchor, cut anchor




    Window frame anchor is a new type of high efficient fasteners, window gecko can strong machine, such as doors and Windows, structure, equipment or gear installed on the wall, the base or on concrete foundation.Due to the use of window gecko has simple installation, fixed firmly, construction efficiency, and many other advantages, like machine of the lampblack that take off a platoon, water heater, air conditioning, building curtain wall, billboards, pipelines, fan, fire, water and electricity, wire and cable, machinery, equipment, electrical and mechanical condole top, such as the installation of light steel keel more and more industry choose window gecko as the corresponding construction engineering preferred fastening parts.


    How to use


    Window frame anchor installation method: first you set according to the machine, device, or a variety of tools, doors and Windows, structural fixed on the fixed foot hole position is in the wall, base or draw the concrete foundation drilling position, electric hammer or percussion drill in the wall, roof, ceiling, or the body of the foundation material drilled well each size right (different size of window gecko recommended diameter size of the holes), moderate depth of hole, then use window gecko through the machine, device, or a variety of tools, doors and Windows, structural fixed hole plugged into the air, and, in turn, tighten window gecko screw rod, can make window gecko, the fixed machine, doors and Windows, structure, equipment, or a variety of devices connected to the wall, base or concrete foundation as a whole.Allow static load C13 above the concrete strength grade is suitable.




    Window frame anchor tubes use galvanized sheet, aluminum window gecko cone or conical nut made of zinc alloy, window gecko screw made of carbon steel.Metal window gecko can bear large transverse force of the load.With aluminum and zinc coating of the pipe has good rust resistance.For base material, concrete, solid brick, lime-sand high solid brick, tile, lime-sand hollow bricks, aerated concrete, pumice solid brick, natural stone material, used for wood, metal and plastic window frames and doors, made of wood planks wood, aluminum alloy, steel tank is suitable for the long head fixed, stationary used for medium and light load.Gecko with two lugs at the top can prevent over screwing in the screw rotation and prevent the deep sliding, need not add wedge and the fast simple penetrate or installation of block.Window gecko features: window gecko when fixed tighten by screwing screws can pull the cone into the casing, make the window gecko pipe expansion, which fixed all fittings, due to be installed object limits the axial displacement of the screw head, window gecko object will not be installed to a slot in the building materials, so as to realize the rapid and efficient fixed by fitting.


    More pictures


    ประตูยึดและบานเกล็ดหน้าต่างสูง M8 / M10 สำหรับท่อโลหะ










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