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980 เมกะวัตต์แท่งเกลียวขยายตัวแบบแข็ง, หัวเทียนสเตนเลสแบบชุบด้วยตัวเอง

980 เมกะวัตต์แท่งเกลียวขยายตัวแบบแข็ง, หัวเทียนสเตนเลสแบบชุบด้วยตัวเอง

    • 980Mpa Solid Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt , Zinc Plated Self Tapping Thread
    • 980Mpa Solid Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt , Zinc Plated Self Tapping Thread
    • 980Mpa Solid Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt , Zinc Plated Self Tapping Thread
    • 980Mpa Solid Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt , Zinc Plated Self Tapping Thread
  • 980Mpa Solid Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt , Zinc Plated Self Tapping Thread


    Place of Origin: CHINA
    ชื่อแบรนด์: HNF
    ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO9001
    Model Number: DIN


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
    ราคา: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: CARTON +PALLET
    Delivery Time: 5-15DAYS
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 500 TON PRT MONTH
    วัสดุ: SS304 ใบสมัคร: สำหรับคอนกรีต
    ความจุ: 980Mpa เสร็จสิ้น: ที่ราบ
    เลอ: พร้อมใช้งาน การฝังตัวขั้นต่ำ: 2-1 / 4"
    ด้าย: เครื่องเจาะด้วยตนเองหรือการเจาะด้วยตนเอง ด้ายเต็มหรือครึ่งหนึ่ง รายละเอียดบรรจุภัณฑ์: กล่องเล็ก / ถุงพลาสติก + กล่อง + กล่องพาเลท
    มาตรฐาน: ISO, DIN, ANSI, GB, ที่ไม่ได้มาตรฐานและอื่น ๆ ขอบเขตขนาด: M3-M16 * 5-150mmL

    Stainless Steel SS316 5/8 INCH X 2 1/4 INCH Sleeve Anchor Bolts with Nutsand Washers



    1. Product Description


    Wedge anchors are a type of concrete fastener designed for anchoring to solid concrete and come packaged with the correct number and size of nuts and washers Wedge anchors are available as zinc plated wedge anchors, hot-dipped galvanized wedge anchors, 304 stainless steel wedge anchors, and 316 stainless steel wedge anchor.
    The wedge anchor is a commonly used type of anchor used for fastening into solid concrete because it provides exceptional holding values and is considered the most consistent of any mechanical type concrete anchor in terms of holding values. It is a versatile concrete anchor due to its wide range of diameters, lengths, and material types.


    Drill hole in base material to your specified embedment depth. Debris from drilling must not interfere with the required embedment depth, the hole that you drill needs to be cleaned out with compressed air. Alternatively if the concrete thickness allows you can drill hole deep enough to accommodate the required embedment depth and the dust/debris from drilling. Assemble anchor so the nut is flush with the top of the anchor, place anchor into position through fixture and drive into the hole until the nut and washer are tight against the fixture.



    2. Specification


    Material Steel Stainless Specification Steel Stainless
    Stud AISI C12L14 303, 304, 316 ASTM A108, A510 A276, A479
    Clip AISI C1010-1018 1037 304 316 Federal FF-SS325, GROUP II TYPE 4, CLASS 1 A581, A582 FF-S-325
    Washer AISI C1010-1018 TYPE 18-8 316 Plating ZINC QQ-Z-325C GROUP II
    Nut Low Carbon Steel ASTM A 563, GRADE A 304, 316 Galvanized TYPE II CLASS 3 ASTM A 153 CLASS C TYPE 4 CLASS 1 PASSIVATED



    Anchor Size Hole Size Min. Embedment Std. Thread Length
    1/4” all sizes 1/4” 1-1/8” 3/4”
    3/8” x 2-1/4” 3/8” 1-1/2” 7/8”
    3/8” 3/8” 1-1/2” 1-1/8”
    1/2” all sizes 1/2” 2-1/4” 1-1/4”
    5/8” all sizes 5/8” 2-3/4” 2”
    3/4” all sizes 3/4” 3-1/4” 2”
    7/8” 7/8” 3-7/8” 2-1/4”
    1” 1” 4-1/2” 2-1/4”
    1-1/4” 1-1/4” 5-1/2” 3-1/4”



    3. Application


    Wedge anchor extends into the tube sheet bore tube ends rolling leaving the tube wall expansion, plastic deformation, the diameter increases, the tube head completely fit the wall of the hole in the tube plate, tube sheet and forcing the elastic deformation . When the expander is removed, the elastic deformation of the tube plate desire restitution, and plastic deformation of the pipe end can not be recovered, the result is the tube plate and hugged the tube end, so as to achieve both the seal does not leak and are firmly connected purposes .
    Wedge anchor use, you need to use the impact drill hammers on the fixed body corresponding to the size of the hole, then bolt, expanding loading hole, tighten the nut to the bolt, the expander, between the member and the fixed mounting swelling become one


    4. Advantages


    1. Good after sales service. Any small problem happening will be solved at the most prompt time;


    2. Many years of export experience;


    3. Specifications list is available upon your request


    4. Welcome to send enquiry, we will reply soon.


    5. Prompt shipment with professional documents


    6. Custom packing, with photo before shipment


    7. High quality and competitive price.


    5. More pictures


    980 เมกะวัตต์แท่งเกลียวขยายตัวแบบแข็ง, หัวเทียนสเตนเลสแบบชุบด้วยตัวเอง

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